“Girls On Tv” – Tashaki Miyaki (Dir. by James Franco)

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“I didn’t hear a word you said, but I love Kurt Cobain”

The idea was it was going to a Midnight Cowboy style run and gun shoot starring Juno Temple. The camera men were to be Bruce Thierry Cheung (IMDB), Eitan Almagor (IMDB) and myself. First, we went for a location scout, picked out some interesting areas. The next day we grabbed the cameras and headed to the production office. where the art department had rigged Juno cowgirl suit and a bicycle with little LEDs all over. We grabbed our stuff and headed out!

The first stop was a restaurant that had a mechanical bull inside. We all got some food and then Juno got on the bull and went for a ride. The restaurant was pretty busy so it was fun having a whole crowd of people cheer her on while we sneaked around getting our shots. After that, we headed to the main strip of Sunset and got the majority of our shots on the street and small interesting back alleys, intersections, and popping in and out of shops. Then it was on to Chinatown where we did most of the bicycle stuff. In between shots, Juno decided to have a little party break at a club that was right next to us. Bruce followed her in and got some trippy shutter-streaked footage that ended up being the majority of the music video toward the end!

We decided there was a great opportunity to make it a lyric video with floating neon text that would compliment the footage we got. I flew back to Houston and spent the next week and a half slapping together an edit and then churning out the neon text FX.

All in all, it was one of the fastest projects I’ve worked on but also one of the most fun! Hope you enjoy it too!


Camera: Sony A7s ii
Lens: Canon 24, 35, 85
Grade: Davinci Resolve


Released Feb, 22 2017
Filmed in Los Angeles, California