Each week I will post one cool new thing that I’ve found. Lately space has been a popular topic so I picked the night sky as seen from Alexandria, LA. I wonder what people on the other side of the globe see?

Camera info: 20sec  f/4.0  500iso.

If you zoom in you can see that the stars streak a little bit. This is from the rotation of the Earth in the 20sec exposure time. Ideally I would want to use a shorter time but my aperture was maxed and raising the iso would have introduced too much image noise. So whats the solution? The best way to get more exposure is to go to a remote location because the city lights will pollute the atmosphere enough to fog your image. Soon this won’t be a problem though as camera sensors are getting stronger exponentially. its only a matter of time until we can see in complete darkness with our phones.

Click to see full size. Right click and select “Save Image As” to save it to your computer.

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